Social Entrepreneurship









DaTCoM believes in both doing well and doing good...  In our business, we do well to serve our clients and earn their trust and loyalty.  In our community, we do good to help others achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams.  Over the years, we have contributed much to the community by volunteering our time and donating our resources.

DaTCoM’s qualified apprentices are high school and college students who seek to develop technical and business skills outside of their academic studies, and aspire to become well-rounded citizens and leaders of their community.  We reward our worthy scholars with monetary gifts to help fund their academic pursuits and ease their minds of financial concerns.  In addition to the technical skills development, we exercise our competent apprentices in the areas of:  business development and operations, client relationship management, self-development and improvement, community service.

DaTCoM currently supports college-level apprentices to learn and work in the IT Services and IT Security business.  With your continued support, we look forward to many years of cooperation and collaboration with our community partners – helping to create many more civic-minded individuals to perpetuate the cycle of “giving back” to their community.







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